Academic Integrity

Essay Wisdom is a professional company that promotes higher education blended with honesty and integrity. We are of the view that academic integrity is the most important element when it comes to educating students. We believe that academic honesty is the presentation of your own work in the most legit manner. It stresses the acknowledgment & attribution of another person’s work where it is due.

Explanation of Terms

Company or Essay Wisdom

is a professional essay writing company that renders custom assistance to students through its qualified tutors while ensuring the highest academic standards and strictly adhering to academic integrity and laws!


is a qualified and experienced person who is on board with the company and is assigned to write sample solutions and complete assignments/essays /dissertations/homework help ordered by a customer.


is a person who visits essay wisdom and makes an order to get tailored assistance from our experts for assignments, essays, papers, and other academic documents against a set fee payment.

Writing Service

is a service provided by essay wisdom and its team of experts, tutors, and writers against the order payment within a predefined set of instructions, including word count, requirements, and deadline!


points to sample solutions created and delivered by our writers/tutors against the assignment, essay, paper, dissertation, or homework order placed by a customer, which mustn’t be used for any financial gains or used as an original submission in any school, college, or university.

Delivery of Writing Service

implies delivery of a product that is written by experts according to the given instruction by the customer/student. It may also refer to the delivery of pre-written sample solutions or mentorship from our experienced tutors.

This General Section Defines Vision and Mission of Essay Wisdom

Essay Wisdom is a website where customers can order professional assistance from qualified teachers and writers to complete their academic tasks. The purpose of our writing service is to facilitate every student around the world, irrespective of their age, gender, location, or institute. Our mission is to provide the highest quality helping materials to students, which are intended to be used for personal guidance and legit purposes. Essay wisdom never encourages the selling of educational material created by our professionals, nor do we allow the use of our products for any illegal purpose, including cheating, impersonation, fraud, etc.

Essay Wisdom believes:

  • Duplicating content from other sources without permission or attributions undermines the efforts of an author and puts an adverse effect on the academic community.
  • We don’t promote any illegal or unethical act resulting in breaching academic integrity and laws.
  • We don’t allow our experts to promote academic cheating or dishonesty in any form. Our experts would always give proper credit to sources and people who came up with the original ideas or facts.
  • Our team of experts would never cheat, plagiarize, commit fraud, or indulge in any unethical activities. We have restricted our team from participating in any activity which undermines academic laws and integrity.
  • We condemn students or customers from using our products or sample solutions for any personal gains or as their original submissions.

Academic Dishonesty in Terms of Essay Wisdom



Passing on content created by Essay Wisdom’s expert without proper credits. This includes stealing and misusing our ideas, sentences, and even direct quotations. Paraphrasing content without attributes is also referred to as plagiarism.



It refers to helping another person cheat or commit plagiarism for personal gain. Facilitating academic dishonesty, even if it is not for personal gain, is unethical and unacceptable.



Reproducing or using sample papers created by experts of Essay Wisdom without their knowledge is called copying.



It implies pretending to be someone else or writing tasks on behalf of another person. Falsely presenting oneself in an exam or test while hiding one identity also refers to impersonation.


Contract Cheating

This refers to giving a contract to a third party of service to complete certain academic tasks in exchange for money or any other form of payment.



Maneuvering data or transferring fake academic sources in your documents refers to data fabrication or falsification. Assisting someone to create fake documents also lies under this category.

Clear Message for Our Prospects

Users of the EssayWisdom Platform

Essay Wisdom is a well-reputed academic writing platform. We have built our authority and credibility in this league through years of high-quality service. Each and every individual on our panel comes from the top-ranked institutes across the globe and know how to work under academic laws and strict policies. We don’t provide any unfair helping material to students or customers. Our team sticks to fair practices and academic values and doesn’t resort to any unethical order requests.


Providing assignment or essay solutions for original submissions on behalf of a student.


Impersonating the identity of a student or a customer for any unethical purpose.


Creating solutions for exam papers, tests, quizzes, and MCQs for students who are instructed not to take any outside assistance.


Manipulating data or facts in a paper to undermine the original research of authors.


Creating papers that promote hate speech or offend people from a specific sect, religion, race, or political party.


Any paper which promotes academic dishonesty, collusion, falsification, or worse, plagiarism.


Providing a paper on a technical subject without solid knowledge or expertise in the respective discipline.


Message for Students

Students or customers are not allowed to buy our services for any illegal activity. We don’t provide any form of service which violates the policies of an academic institute. We believe in providing high-standard services under professional ethos and academic laws.

Students should never use our sample solutions as their original submissions or as cheating material. Solutions created by our team of experts are intended for the sole purpose of assistance. Anyone found using our service for academic fraud or for any illegal activity would not be shown any compliance, and strict action would be taken against those found guilty.


Message for Experts

Essay Wisdom is a professional writing service and expects the highest level of expertise and professionalism from our experts. Anyone found compromising on academic integrity and policies would not be shown any compliance. We expect the highest integrity from customers of our platform. We expect our team of experts to follow these guidelines:

No one is allowed to provide any kind of assistance which compromises academic honesty or helps students cheat in their classes or academic tasks.

Our experts must never indulge in heinous activities pertaining to cheating, falsification, impersonation, or collusion.

You must never contact a customer or student outside our platform and ask them for commissions.

You must never suggest a customer, or student submit sample solutions as their own drafts.


Message for Parents & Teachers

Essay Wisdom appreciates the efforts of teachers and parents who push young children to get higher education. The main goal of our company is to provide affordable and customized assistance to students around the globe, and we encourage teachers and parents to help us in this mission. Our sample solutions are created as a learning opportunity for students.

We would request teachers & parents to:

Give permission to students to share subject-related material with our experts so that we can help them in the most accurate manner.

Encourage students to take help from professional services and use online tools so that they can improve their weak skills.

You should never prevent students from taking help from the experts of essay wisdom, as we are committed to providing tailored assistance while sticking to academic rules and laws.

We would also urge parents to provide financial assistance to students who want to get professional help from us. We are a credible forum, and our team is always there to help students learn from our samples instead of practicing plagiarism or fabrication.