Terms & Conditions

Please read all rules and conditions of the website Essay Wisdom in this document named “Terms & Conditions.” Reading the terms and conditions of our website might or might not have an impact on your intention to buy any of our writing services. The company would not entertain any disputes in case a customer has not read the rules established by our website. When a customer or visitor comes to this website, it is crucial for them to abide by each and every term and condition mentioned on this page.

When you order any of our writing services, this implies that you have read and agreed to all of our conditions, privacy policy, refund policy, and terms of use. All of the clauses mentioned on this website are for all users that directly land on our website or are directed through our links placed on third-party websites. We don’t allow you to order any of our services in case you don’t agree with all or any of these conditions.

Interpretation of Terms

  • Website” or “Company” Refers to EssayWisdom.com
  • Customer,” “You,” “Yours,” or “Client” refers to anyone who lands on our website and executes an order after providing relevant information and transferring payment for the service.
  • Content” points to all information on our website, which includes text, images, links, videos, audio, infographics, and all other material created and published by our team members or us.
  • Expert” refers to the person on board with the company whose duty is to provide writing services or custom guidance to our customers against a set payment.
  • Order” refers to a paid request by a customer in return for a sample solution or product. The order would specify the details of the work and other important requirements.
  • Product” or “Paper” refers to the final delivered service/solution ordered by the customer. The purpose of the product is to help the customer understand a certain topic or subject. The product created by our experts is not intended and must not be submitted to any academic institute.
  • Service” or “Services” is provided by our team of experts to complete the order requirements made by a customer in a predefined time frame.
  • Quality Assurance Department” refers to our unit, which is responsible for ensuring that products created by our experts are of the highest standards.
  • Support” or “Support Team” refers to the unit of the company that is responsible for communicating and assisting our customers and experts.

General Information

By browsing the public pages of our website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to legally bind yourself with the terms and conditions of the company. You agree to our terms of use only for ethical and legal purposes. You agree to use our services for personal and informational purposes. You would not use our service for any personal or monetary gains. You agree to not use solutions submitted by our experts in any way which violates academic integrity, intellectual property rights, or state, national or international laws. Moreover, you agree to use our services with a sense of judgment.

Legal Age Limit to Order Our Services

Essay Wisdom is a professional writing service. Our company abides by all rules and laws of the state. National and international laws restrict us to only serve students/customers/prospects who are adults. This means our service can be ordered by customers who have attained the legal age of 18 years. Anyone who is below 18 years of age is not entitled to any of our services. In the case, at some point, we find out that our service is being ordered by a person who is underage, we would freeze and terminate the account without any warning or prior notice. No refund requests will be catered to once the account has been frozen or suspended.

Submission of Accurate Information

An important clause to note before ordering our service is that it is important to submit only accurate information. When you create an account with Essay Wisdom, you agree to provide complete and accurate information which helps us connect with you or complete your orders. All of the submitted information must be up-to-date and complete to avoid inconvenience. The company condemns you for creating an account on behalf of another person.

Essay wisdom also urges its customers to provide complete and 100% genuine information while ordering our service. The company has a zero-tolerance policy toward data fabrication or falsification. In case the company finds that a certain customer or client has provided fake information to place an order, we would have the legal right to immediately suspend our service and terminate the account from making future orders. Every word of information submitted to us is cross-checked and verified by a team of experts, so we would advise all customers to submit a hundred percent correct information to avoid any embarrassing situation or financial losses.


To hire the services of Essay Wisdom, you will be requested to create an account and register with us through your email. You can also sign up with us with your Gmail or Facebook account. The account would be created on the basis of the information you provide the company.

Every customer of prospect should note that we don’t allow the creation of more than one active account at any given time. In case multiple accounts of a single person are found by our team, they would immediately be terminated, and all ordered services would come to a halt. No further service would be entertained to that particular person.

When you create an account with us, you will be required to set a strong password which you would safeguard at your own responsibility. The company would not be responsible for any unauthorized use of your account for any order placed. You must agree not to share your password or account details with any party other than yourself.

Credits and Redeems

When you create a new account with Essay Wisdom, you will be given a $5 reward which will be credited to your account. In case you refer your friend, class fellow, or any third person to our website, you will get another $5 reward once that person registers with us. The rewards can be redeemed in the next orders.

An important clause that every prospect should note is that redeeming the registration or referral rewards is subject to a condition. A customer can only redeem half of the remaining rewards in their account. In case the order payment is less than half of the reward, the customer can pay half of the order amount through their rewards, and the other half would have to be paid through other payment methods.

In simple words, a customer can only pay half of the total cost of the order with their rewards. The pending amount needs to be paid by the customer, no matter how many credits are left in their account wallet.


Essay Wisdom cares about its customers. The company keeps on giving multiple discount offers or vouchers on multiple occasions. These seasonal discounts can be availed by both new and old customers. To avail of our discount deals, a customer has to contact our support team. Our support team is always there to help you and is available 24/7 for custom assistance.

Fair Usage Policy

Essay Wisdom is a professional writing company. The main goal of our company is to provide quality guidance to students in the most affordable and professional manner. Every service provided by our company is intended to help our clients. The products/papers/solutions created by our team are provided for guidance and informational purposes.

We don’t allow our customers to use our products or helping papers for commercial use. Essay Wisdom owns the intellectual copyrights of content written by our experts. A person paying for our service and getting our products is not entitled to use it as his/her own original work and publish it on any commercial platform. The company discourages using our products for any financial or personal gains.

Terms for Order Placement

On the homepage of our website, you can find the option for order placement, or you can also make an order through our service pages. By clicking on the “Order Now” option, you will land on a fill-in-form page where you have to provide all information related to the order. When filling in the order form, it is important for you to note that you willfully agree to every term and condition mentioned on this page.

While placing the order, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide us with accurate information related to the order. The delivery of the final product depends on the information you provide. The order form contains multiple sections which you need to fill in. None of the sections must be left blank by the customer. Deceiving any information from us would adversely affect the quality of the paper.

You, as a customer of Essay Wisdom, are bound to provide every piece of information which helps our team create a helpful sample product/paper for you. This includes information about the subject, topic, deadline, word count, number of pages, writing style, referencing style, and other uncommon details.

The company advises its customers to provide a tighter deadline than the actual one because, for us, the original deadline is the one that you have mentioned in the form and not that you have in your mind. Giving us a shorter deadline would help you get your paper on time and ask for any revisions.

In case any information provided in the order form related to your essay/assignment/dissertation is inaccurate or has been improvised by the teacher, then it is advised to communicate these changes through our support team. If the workload is found to be increased because of the changes you make, you will be charged for it accordingly.

Below are some situations where the company has the right to take legal action against you:

  • If the company has given fake information, the order would be terminated without any notice, and the account would be temporarily suspended. The order payment would be seized as well, and all services would be put on hold until you contact our support team and provide them with true information.
  • If you have provided the wrong information related to the order, it will impact the final product created by our experts. The customer would bear responsibility in case the paper is unsatisfactory because of incomplete information/instructions. Our writers would create content on the basis of the order instructions, so it is best to provide the most accurate and complete information. No revision requests would be entertained in these situations.
  • If the customer doesn’t provide information about the deadline, the number of pages, or the word count, then in cases like these, the company would not be responsible for delays. Moreover, if the customer asks for an increase in the number of pages or word count under the earlier-mentioned deadline, then the final delivery might exceed the deadline limit.
  • In case a customer files for a dispute or requests a free revision, our quality assurance team will check and compare the final product with the order details. If no errors are found in the paper, the customer will not get any revisions or refunds.

Terms Related to Payment

  • Once the customer has provided all instructions and requirements related to a specific order, a total sum would be calculated as the price of the order. It is necessary for every customer to pay the calculated price, as the order will be placed after the payment has been received. In case a user doesn’t pay for the order amount, the order will be put on hold and will be deleted after a specific time period defined by the company. The company would not be responsible for any delays or harm caused by the delay of payment.
  • The final cost of the paper is calculated on the basis of different factors, including word count, the number of pages, deadline, writing style, etc. The lengthier the deadline is, the lesser the cost of the order. A short deadline would cost you more.
  • The company takes payments through formal and secure channels. There are certain payment gateways on our website through which the customer can pay for the order. Any other payment method or medium would not be entertained by the company. Essay Wisdom doesn’t accept any payment through cash or drafts.
  • Our company only charges you for the sum shown on the order page. There are no hidden charges or taxes that you have to pay other than the order fee. The company is not responsible for any extra charges cut by banks for international transactions.
  • In case the company finds that the payment for the order is paid through a stolen bank card, without knowledge of the account holder or any unfair means, these kinds of orders would be canceled, and this would be considered severe misconduct. The customer would only be held accountable for this illegal activity, and the company would not carry any burden for this gap.
  • After making the payment order, the customer must not restrict their banks from making the payment. In such cases, we will suspend all services and freeze that account. A dispute with the company would be opened depending on the severity of the case.

Revision & Editing Requests

Once the order is delivered by our quality assurance team, the customer has the facility to ask for three free revisions with certain conditions. The revision request can be made in case the product has excessive plagiarism in it, has numerous errors that cannot be fixed by the customer himself, or if the document is not created on the basis of initial instructions given by the customer. It is important for customers to request a free revision in any of these three situations within a month. After the one-month period is passed, no revision requests would be entertained, and the company would not take responsibility for any errors found in the product.

Grade Improvement Objections

Essay Wisdom is a professional writing company, and the purpose of our service is to help students complete difficult assignments, essays, dissertations, and homework tasks. The company never guarantees any grade against the solutions we create, as we don’t allow you to use our products as your original submissions. We only suggest high-quality sample solutions that would fulfill the requirements and instructions you have given in the order form. The company is not responsible if a customer gets a bad grade on the paper or assignment. Our model papers are not intended to improve your grades or marks, so none of your grade improvement objections or complaints will be addressed.

Testimonials and Reviews

All testimonials that you see on the website of Essay Wisdom are from people who have actually availed of our services. The company posts new reviews and testimonials every now and then to show possible prospects what our customers have to say about us. The testimonials would have the initials of the client. The company makes sure that while posting your review about our service, we don’t compromise your identity or personal information in any way. The purpose of review posting is to provide satisfaction to users who land on our website. In case your review gets published on our site, and you find it inappropriate or revealing, then you can ask our support team for its removal. Our team will look into the matter and will remove the review as per the customer’s formal request.

Third-Party Links

It is a common marketing practice of “Essay Wisdom” to add third-party links to our blogs or other pages. Adding links is a common commercial practice. The third-party websites are not directly related to us, and so the company would not be responsible for any illegal/unethical act of these sites. A customer clicking on these links and landing on the third-party websites would be responsible for all communications, transactions, and business activity that they perform over there.

Important Thing to Remember

It is the sole prerogative of Essay Wisdom to change the entire terms and conditions or a few sections of it. The company is not bound to announce any changes before implementation. We can change the terms of use, conditions, and policies at any point in time. The company, however, would inform you about any changes through a small note on our homepage or through your registered email.

The company would not be responsible in case a customer fails to review changes in this document. This is why it is important to keep visiting our website and provide us with your active email at the time of registration.

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