The Honor Code

Essay Wisdom’s commitment to academic honesty and high standards are reflected in our honor code. Our academic principles and ethos demonstrate the professionalism of our company. The main goal of our service is to provide custom guidance to students around the globe. We work hard to help students regardless of their financial status, ethnicity, social position, or other irrelevant factors.

honor code

EssayWisdom Honor Code

Essay Wisdom is a professional writing company. Our team doesn’t support or participate in any unethical or illegal activity which promotes academic dishonesty. We don’t provide any kind of assistance to students which facilitates cheating, fraud, or data fabrication. Each and every member of our team strictly follows academic laws and principles set by top institutions.

Essay Wisdom’s Declaration on Professional Academic Ethics; THINGS WE DON’T TOLERATE

Essay Wisdom has a team of professionals who have vast work experience in the academic world. We would never indulge in malicious activities, nor would we favor even the smallest elements of academic dishonesty. We strictly oppose all unethical activities and use of our service for cheating, fraud, or to get better grades.



Where an individual asks for unapproved help from us with any of their academic assignments, essays, or papers.



Where the work of another person is passed on as one’s own original creation without any formal attributions.



Where another person’s/student’s identity is imitated for the purpose of fraud or data fabrication.


Our Corporate Policy for Academic Writing

Essay Wisdom is a professional and widely trusted writing service. We have a huge crew of professional writers and tutors who are committed to providing tailored guidance to students while following academic laws and policies. We never provide personal or professional assistance to individuals or corporations which help them commit fraud or cheating. Essay Wisdom strictly coheres to academic laws and makes sure that we don’t damage an institution’s policies. We guarantee to uphold the highest moral values while providing assistance to customers. Additionally, our company also ensures that any person from our team found guilty of breaching academic laws would be punished and rusticated from our team.


Memo For Students

Essay Wisdom is probably one of the only academic writing services that are keen to help you be successful in your academic career. Our company provides the most affordable and constructive learning experience to students who order our services. Our goal is to pass on sincere guidance to students in a very professional and timely manner. Students who want to get our tailored assistance should note that we condemn presenting our sample solutions as your own submissions. We don’t allow using our helping material for any unethical operations. Essay Wisdom also strictly discourages selling our custom papers or your original creations.


Memo For Tutors & Schools

Essay Wisdom is a professional essay-writing company. We have professional and well-experienced teachers and tutors on board with us who understand the efforts you put in with students. Our mission is to support you in the quest to educate and help students around the world. In return, we would request you to support us in our mission to provide the highest quality and affordable help to students. We make sure that our service complies with modern academic laws and rules. We would urge you to instantly report us if you find any honor code violations. Our company would take serious action against those found in malpractice or fraud.


Memo For Businesses

Essay Wisdom doesn’t only help individuals; rather, we are here to help businesses as well. Our company provides cheap services to businesses who want help in work related to content writing. We can provide formal-writing samples, technical papers, partnership deeds, and other business-relevant documents at the most affordable rates. We are here to help your business in the most professional and legal manner. We discourage ordering our service for any personal gain where the element of cheating or fabrication is involved. We also prohibit all business owners and their teams from ordering our help for any illegal practices breaching official policies.


Memo For Our Experts

Essay Wisdom is a professional and bona fide writing company. The core goal of our company is to provide help to pupils around the world through you, our team of professional writers and tutors. Our company provides attractive opportunities and benefits for our team members. We believe in the fair treatment of employees, and in return, we expect fair services from each and every expert on board with us. We request our team strictly observe academic laws and policies while providing writing services to all clients. Members of our team are not allowed to violate our honor code. We don’t allow our experts to connect with our clients outside the company’s official portal. We strictly condemn providing any unlawful assistance to students or businesses resulting in fraud. Strict action would be taken against those found guilty of violating our official policies!

List of Prohibited Order Requests


Important Message for Clients of Essay Wisdom

We are a well-reputed professional writing service. Essay Wisdom serves students, content writers, businesses, and even academic institutes. There are plenty of writing services that we provide, and at the same time, there are certain order requests that we don’t entertain. It is important for new clients and our existing customers to understand that our services always adhere to academic policies. We don’t provide free or paid assistance for any of the below-listed orders/tasks:

task request

Creation of fake financial reports or any other business document


Fabrication of data and policies of a company or academic institute


Creating fake resumes, ledgers, experience certificates, and relevant drafts


Impersonation of a student/client for any illegal purpose


Stealing ideas or content from already published scripts, theses, dissertations, or literary work


Ghostwriting academic work the getting better grades


Attempting to scam somebody by misinterpreting data or facts

Noticed Any Activity That Goes Against Our Honor Code?

We encourage our clients to report any illegal activity which violates our honor code. If you find someone from our team or a customer indulging in malicious activities, please submit a report to us through our support team or via email. We would ensure that strict action is taken against the parties involved:

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