Privacy Policy

This document, which is termed Essay Wisdom's privacy policy, offers information on a number of policy measures we use to protect our customers' privacy. The privacy of its esteemed clients and potential customers is constantly valued and protected by Essay Wisdom as a reputable academic writing service. The policies covered in this paper were established expressly for the "" website.

During order placement, the company requires certain information from its customers. In this document, customers can find out what information we collect and also about the purpose of data collection. This document would also explain the common practices that the company follows to make sure that every piece of information provided by the customer is kept secure and away from the hands of hackers or unconcerned parties.

For Our Clients, Prospects and Common Visitors

This extensive document is the "Privacy Policy" of Essay Wisdom. Each and every policy here is addressed to any individual or group who visits our website with the intention of hiring any of our writing services without any influence. Customers need to understand that we gather specific data from them, which is important for order completion. Anyone who voluntarily visits our website and uses our writing services is bound to provide important information and follow all the guidelines outlined in our privacy policies. This policy document communicates to our potential customers as well as past and current clients.

Information We Acquire During the Order Process

Essay Wisdom is a reputable writing service with clients all over the world. We don't ask our consumers for any information that isn't necessary. We reject the idea of gathering from a consumer any information that has no relevance to our service. In contrast to other writing services, Essay Wisdom only gathers data that enables us to get in touch with customers and provide the service they have requested.

The information related to the object that a customer needs to provide includes:

  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Deadline
  • Number of pages
  • Word count
  • Writing style
  • Referencing style
  • Plagiarism Limit
  • Other relevant details about the project

As for the personal data of the customer, we only collect the following:

1. Full Name

2. Email Address and Contact Number

3. IP Address

Until and unless an unusual circumstance arises where the business feels the necessity to collect more details than the ones specified above, we don't obtain anything from the consumer other than this basic information. The additional information would be used in the circumstances like if a customer filed a complaint with our business.

All significant customer data is professionally stored on the servers of Essay Wisdom. The only reason we collect and keep your data is so we can occasionally communicate with you and give you the best service experience possible. Additionally, we can use the data to educate interested parties about new services, offers, discounts, promotions, and other marketing initiatives.

How Does Essay Wisdom Safeguard the Personal Data of Customers?

  • The first step we take towards data protection is that we don't collect any kind of information which isn't related to the project.
  • We employ the most cutting-edge security firewalls and fortify them with the most recent cybersecurity measures in our effort to entirely safeguard customer information from the unauthorized access of third parties.
  • We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is the most recent method for protecting data and blocking access from outside parties when consumers share or transfer data or information with us. Everything is kept conceived by humans, as well as hacking software programs.
  • None of our team members have direct access to any information provided by the customer. We don't allow our writers or tutors to collect any information other than the one which helps them complete the order. Your personal information is never shared with even experts who are working on your order. Giving access to any third party is always out of the question.
  • We never trade or sell your personal information because we are a reputable and professional business with a high global rating.

What Financial Information Do We Collect?

Essay Wisdom offers paid writing assistance. All of our writing services require payment before we begin an order, so the customer must pay in advance. The customer can access a secure channel to make payment for the order. We have legitimate banking channels connected to secure payment gateways through which payments are received. Since we don't take payments directly from customers, the business neither collects nor needs your financial information. Since banks are involved directly in every transaction, there is no chance of fraud.

How Is the Financial Information of Customers Protected?

  • First things first, Essay Wisdom avoids getting direct payments from the customer. This is why we don't take any information regarding the payment. All of our customers are bound to pay through well-reputed banking channels.
  • The company has a strict ethical policy that refrains us from collecting, saving, or sharing the debit/credit card number of the customer, which is used for order payments.
  • Only personal accounts on our website contain information about the credits that consumers have purchased. Except for the parties concerned, no one else has access to the specifics of the available credits and funds.

What Information do We Need to Execute an Order?

The most important data for the company is the one that helps us complete an order request in the most professional manner. At the time of ordering a service, customers have to provide the following information:

  • Personal Information
  • Number of Pages or Specific Word Count
  • The subject of the Assignment
  • Preferred Referencing Style
  • Deadline
  • Additional Helping Material

All this data is necessary for us to collect as it helps us create the highest quality paper for you on time.

How Do We Protect Order Details and Your Rights to The Paper?

Essay Wisdom doesn't provide prewritten sample solutions to customers. We condemn the practice of reusing academic material over and over again. Each and every paper created by our expert is unique and customized according to the requirements of the customer. The paper is created on the basis of instructions and preferences mentioned in the order form.

Once you have paid for the academic paper and have received the final product, you will get exclusive rights to use the paper for personal and fair means. We provide you rights to the product, but we condemn using our papers for any financial gains or in a way that damages the academic integrity and the laws of the state.

After we deliver the paper/solution to the customer, our team makes sure that we don't use the same paper again in any shape. The paper is deleted after a set time frame.

How Much Legal Protection Do We Have When We Collect & Store Data?

Essay Wisdom is one of the few academic writing services operating globally with a legal permit to gather and preserve sensitive data from the client. We are able to collect information from a potential client who is interested in using our services thanks to a variety of legal explanations. First and first, the company has the best interests of its customers in mind when collecting and storing your data.

We only obtain information about you with your consent. Customers who visit our website and independently order our services are deemed to have given us permission to gather and store their personal data for business purposes.

Additionally, we are legally required by local laws and regulations to keep accurate records of every person with whom we conduct our business. This focuses on maintaining an accurate record of all financial transactions in order to correctly reconcile tax issues within our firm and compute total taxation on an annual basis. Each customer is informed about the gathering of information; we only collect information directly from the customer, and we never use any software or outside sources for this purpose. Only once a consumer has provided all the necessary information work on the order would start.

Anyone who doesn't agree to our privacy policies or doesn't consent to data collection; he/she is free to quit our services at any point in time. We only provide writing services to those customers who agree to data collection and every policy.

Right of a Customer to Access and Remove Information

You have every legal right to view your information as a customer. To the best of knowledge, a consumer may also correct information that was incorrectly recorded the first time. A client may also request that their data be permanently deleted from our servers. If he wants to delete a paper that is still in progress, he will have to wait until it is finished. Otherwise, the order would not be completed, and we would not render further services to the customer.

A customer may request that his data be permanently deleted once all current projects are finished, but doing so will prevent him from placing any orders until the information is uploaded once again. We only save data so that you can order again with us without any hassle. In case you ask for the deletion of data, then you have to provide each and every detail at the time of the new order.

Technically and legally, the provision of the service requires the use of data or information.

Our Right as A Company to Change Our Privacy Policy

Essay Wisdom has the full authority to amend its privacy policy in good faith, either as a whole or with respect to some of the terms. We hold the right to change our terms or policies as we are an independent and legitimate organization. The company will not be required to obtain the consent of its team or consumers before implementing these changes. The company may execute all of these modifications without prior notification. The company will convey the changes (if any) using the channel we deem to be most practical and appropriate. Typically, emails or even a simple website banner are used to announce such changes. The business is not required to inform every consumer specifically about any amendments made in our policy document.

Customer Support

Essay Wisdom has outlined its privacy policy's main elements in great detail in this document. Despite providing all the details, it is always possible that some of our clients or customers will not be satisfied with the explanations provided and will want to know more about a certain section or the entire contract. In these circumstances, the customer can contact our technical support staff and ask any questions they may have regarding the privacy policy. Our team responds to all inquiries and potential customers around-the-clock.

Refund Policy of Essay Wisdom

Essay Wisdom occasionally offers a money-back guarantee to its clients. Customers must send an official email request for a refund. Consumers should ensure their request satisfies the criteria that determine whether or not their claim is genuine before submitting for a refund.

Users must also meet the guidelines establishing how much of the aggregate amount will be returned to them if the claim is legitimate. These specifications for eligibility for a refund request under the money-back guarantee policy will be covered in this document.

Refund Requests Would Not Be Obliged in These Situations

Minor Delays in Delivery

Essay Wisdom, despite best efforts, is a humane business, and human efforts are never impenetrable to unforeseen circumstances. Our team makes an effort to finish papers by the deadlines that customers specify at the time of order placement. However, if an unexpected situation occurs, it might cause only minimal delivery delays. Our organization adheres to a set of regulations and creates a timetable for writers that enables us to execute orders on time. However, there may still be minor delays because of unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.

Grade Improvement Requests

Our company's primary goal is to give students/customers high-quality, plagiarism-free solutions. If a consumer claims they received poor grades on their assignments or papers, we won't consider their request for a refund. We never guarantee grades to customers; instead, we offer to deliver the best possible solutions. Moreover, Essay Wisdom condemns its clients for using solutions created by our team as your original submissions.

The preferred writer was not assigned

Although our company considers the customer's preferences when assigning a writer for the order, it is ultimately our own decision to select any of our writers or tutors for each and every project. No refund requests will be entertained if Essay Wisdom is unable to find a writer that writes in your preferred style due to unavailability or any other unforeseeable circumstances.

Quality-Related Requests

The concept of quality is somewhat subjective. Different people may have different definitions of it. Because of this, defining or criticizing the paper's overall quality is not the customer's exclusive prerogative, nor can the paper be deemed low-quality based solely on the customer's shrewd judgment. In case you ask for a refund because of low quality, the objected paper will be delivered to our quality assurance department, where our experts will impartially and fairly determine the paper's overall quality. No refund will be given if the writer and quality assurance department approves and justifies the final product's quality.

Urgent Orders

In case a customer orders a service from Essay Wisdom with an extremely short deadline to complete the order, the company would not be responsible for any kind of delays, quality issues, or incomplete submissions. We don't provide any kind of promises regarding the quality when it comes to rush orders. Any solutions created by our writers in an urgency might or might not have human errors in them. The company doesn't cater to any refund requests because of petty issues found in a solution delivered in a short time.

Partial Refund Cases

Order Cancellation

If a customer requests a cancellation after one of our writers has been assigned the work, they will only be eligible for 50% of the desired compensation. The consumer would receive half of the whole payment he has paid, and the writer would receive the remaining amount as their service fee.

We would entertain a 25% refund of the total order amount in case the customer requests cancellation in the middle of the order delivery date. Once our writer has begun working on the project/paper, we will never give a 100% or even a 50% refund. The writer and tutors collaborating on the order would receive remuneration for the remaining amount.

Quality Claims

If a customer complains that the delivered paper is of poor quality, the complaint won't be taken as the final judgment; instead, our quality assurance staff will investigate the order. If it turns out that the paper delivered has quality problems, you may be eligible for a 25% refund. In case the quality assurance team justifies that there are no quality issues, no refund requests would be entertained.

Failing to Meet Revision Requests

Essay Wisdom offers three free revisions after the paper has been delivered (subject to certain conditions). In case the customer asks for a valid revision request and the company is unable to entertain it because of unforeseen reasons, the customer can claim up to 25% of the order fee.

Plagiarism Complaints

Essay Wisdom promises plagiarism-free sample solutions to its clients. The company delivers papers that are checked with top-rated plagiarism checker software programs. We make sure that the delivered solutions do not have more than 15% of duplication in them. In case a customer reports plagiarism in the solutions they have received, they are bound to attach a Turnitin report which shows that the paper has more duplication/similarities than the mentioned limit. In case plagiarism is found in our papers, the customer can ask for up to 25% of the refund.

Full Refund Cases

  • In a situation where the customer cancels an order, and the company has yet to assign the task to a writer or tutor, the customer can ask for a full refund. However, note that processing charges would not be reverted in full refund requests.
  • If a consumer accidentally places the same order twice, he or she will be eligible for a complete refund.

All refunds will be issued as credits to your user account, which you can use to pay for future orders. In any of the above-discussed scenarios, there will be no actual monetary reimbursement.

Procedure for Filing Any Refund Request from Essay Wisdom

  • First, customers should be aware that refund requests will only be considered if they are submitted within seven days following the paper's delivery. No refund requests will be considered beyond seven days, regardless of what the situation is. You can ask for a refund by getting in touch with customer service. The alternative method is to sign in to your individual account and submit a dispute via the user dashboard. According to the policy, the company will only provide free modifications after the seven-day time period is passed.
  • When Essay Wisdom receives a refund request, it is our team's responsibility and right to examine the request. The team would look into the situation and determine how much money would be repaid if the request was legitimate. The procedure may take a minimum of three to four working days to complete.
  • Our delegates have the only authority to request all kinds of information that they deem necessary to finish the refund procedure. Your request will be flagged as invalid if any of these details are not provided.

Time It Takes for Completion of Refund Requests

It may take an additional three to four working days to complete the process after our team has verified the request and determined the precise amount to be reimbursed. The entire process could take ten working days.

Revision Policy of Essay Wisdom

Essay Wisdom, unlike other writing companies, has a clear revision policy. The revision policy's primary goal is to make things easier for customers, which is why it has been kept quite flexible. The company's major objective is to provide consumers with high-quality solutions that are worth their money. We provide each client with three free revisions against each paper they have ordered with us. They can ask for a revision within 30 days of the paper's delivery. After 30 days, revision requests won't be considered, no matter what!

(Revision Timeline for Research Papers and Dissertations is 3-Months)

Revision Requests Would Only Be Entertained in The Following Situations:

Criteria Not Met

Customers are allowed to request a free revision if they believe the paper our team has produced doesn't complete the instructions they have provided at the time of placing their order.

Not Follow Guidelines

Customers are allowed to ask for a free revision in case they find that the paper submitted by our team doesn't follow the initial guidelines in some parts or the complete document.

Plagiarism Issues

Our team delivers plagiarism-free solutions. In case a customer finds more than 15% of plagiarism in our papers with Turnitin, they can ask for a free revision and get the duplication percentage reduced.

Grammatical Errors

We allow our customers to ask for a free revision in case the final paper solution contains tons of spelling, grammar, punctuation, or factual errors which they are unable to fix by themselves.

What Are the Conditions to Qualify for a Valid Revision Request?

Although our revision policy is primarily focused on our customers and aimed at assisting them as much as possible, there are some fair conditions and pre-qualifications that determine the legitimacy of your revision requests. These conditions are all listed below.

  • First of all, every writing service except the dissertation requires that the revision request be submitted within 30 days of the paper's delivery. This time frame for dissertations is up to 90 days. Revision requests submitted after 30 days and dissertations after 90 days will not be considered; they will be treated as new orders that must be paid for.
  • Free revisions are only provided if the paper delivered by our writer does not adhere to the initial instructions or guidelines provided by the customer. If the consumer requests a revision that goes against the previously indicated instructions, they won't be free. For the necessary modifications or additions, the customer would be billed separately.
  • In a situation where a customer requests a free revision due to plagiarism in the paper we submitted, the customer will be required to send a Turnitin report with the email requesting the revision. A free revision request won't be considered if the customer doesn't supply a Turnitin report that shows more than 15% of plagiarism in it. A request for a free revision would only be considered if the paper's level of plagiarism exceeded the standard % or the customer-specified limit in the order form.
  • Any mistakes that arise as a result of the information provided by the customer while placing the order are not the company's fault. Customers are solely responsible for supplying us with data that is free from all kinds of human errors. Essay Wisdom would charge for modifications or alterations in the event that the final document had problems with quality as a result of the initial information provided by the customer.

What Is the Process to File for Revision Request?

Customers can only request revisions from their personal accounts on the website. To submit and complete a revision request, a customer must log into their account and follow these steps:

User Account→ Dashboard→ Order→ Details→ Add Comments

What to Do If Your Revision Request Is Not Resolved?

Customers must wait at least one day after completing the process to ask for a free revision. You can initiate a fresh dispute from the dashboard of your account if no one from our support team answers you or if your request is not granted after one day.

To start a new dispute for a request for a fee revision, follow these steps:

Log in User Account→ Dashboard→ Disputes→ New Dispute→ Select Order

Essay Wisdom consistently aims to provide its customers with high-standard services while upholding the standards of academic integrity and honesty. Our website adheres to all professional standards and regulations and stands by its principles. We anticipate the same level of responsibility from our customers and all possible prospects!

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