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General Questions

Here are some general questions common users asked and answered by Essay Wisdom's team. You will get to know about the details of our company after reading this section. Still, if you have any queries related to our services, you are free to contact us through our support portal.

Essay Wisdom is a professional writing company. Our core goal is to help students around the world get tailored and affordable assistance in writing assignments, essays, research papers, coursework, and other types of academic papers. With Essay Wisdom, you can easily order custom paper solutions and can also ask for assistance in completing your original tasks.

Our company is the finest in the academic writing sector. This makes the answer to this straightforward and uncomplicated issue even simpler. There are many factors which make us a considerable option and better than our competitors. We have listed a few important ones here to aid you in decision-making.

  • Best Writers
  • Quality Solutions
  • Deadline Management
  • Affordable
  • Confidential

Employing a professional writing service is entirely lawful. We assist students in completing their projects on time. We help them by giving them helping materials, writing examples, sample solutions, and research support. Even a custom-written paper that is exactly what you asked for must not be sent in as your own to your teacher. We strongly condemn and disapprove of this practice as it is essentially illegal.

We help students from all disciplines by handling their academic assignments. To get help, they must place an order, which is a straightforward process. You must first create an account by providing your name, contact information, email address, and password. Alternatively, you can click the order button and fill out the form with information about your requirements and writing instructions. The estimated payment must be paid, and that's it! Your assignment will be finished ahead of schedule since our team will start hunting for a qualified writer to execute your order.

Not at all! When you place an order, our team will start writing the paper from scratch, or we will assist you in finishing your original draft. We give students fresh and well-researched information. We believe that creating new and custom papers is better for students than giving them ready-made papers.

Order and Delivery

Here you will find out how our order and delivery system works. Feel free to ask any question not answered below.

Essay Wisdom, as a reputable writing service, pays close attention to deadlines and makes every effort to provide papers on time; the customer is ultimately responsible for the timely completion of the assignment.

The time of delivery depends on a number of variables, including whether the customer responded quickly to the writer's inquiries and whether the payment was made on schedule. Additionally, because we are a human-based firm, we pay close attention to every little thing to guarantee quality.

Once our writer completes the assigned task, the document is forwarded to the quality assurance department, where it is thoroughly checked. After the solution is passed from the QA, it is delivered to the customer via email. You will receive your paper through a downloadable link in your mail.

To place an order, you have to click on the "order" button, which drops an order form before you that you need to fill out. On the form, you have to provide all necessary information like the subject of the paper, topic, word count, deadline, preferred writing style, etc. Once you provide all the details, we will assign the task to the best writer who can complete all your requirements well and on time.

Essay Wisdom is a human-based writing company. All of our custom papers are written by actual people, not by computers or other automatic writing tools. Human efforts are never susceptible to unforeseen events. Due to some uncertain situations, there may be very small delays in the order delivery. For instance, in order to guarantee quality submissions, there can be a delay in the final delivery.

The customer has the right to request a refund as compensation if the writer utterly misses the deadline and creates unacceptably long delays.

You most definitely can! After signing into your account, you can edit your request in the comments box if it doesn't have accurate details about your order. You can also provide any missing details that you forgot to include in the initial order form. You can also get in touch with our customer support team and inform them about any changes that you want to make to the order form. Our support team would check out the nature of the changes and would communicate them to the assigned writer. You would also be informed of any additional charges in case the changes increase the length of the paper or the workload of the writer.

Writer's Information

Here you will find answers to questions related to our expert writers and tutors. Feel free to contact us if you don't find answers to the questions you have in your mind.

We have the best people on board with us who are there to help you and write custom papers for you. For your information, we have doctors with PhDs and academic experts on our team. Most of the writers have at least a postgraduate degree, and they are fully equipped to meet the requirements of your order.

Essay Wisdom provides you the freedom to speak directly with the writer in order to avoid communication gaps and to better serve every client. Through the support team, you can provide the author with first-hand instructions and details about the order. Our utmost goal is customer satisfaction which is why we allow our customers to contact our writers directly through the common comment section.

As we have told you before, Essay Wisdom is a professional company whose goal is to help students/customers around the globe. For that, we go out of our way to satisfy customers of all ages and levels. Our customers are allowed to contact our writers directly and provide them with any helpful material and additional information they want without any restrictions.

No, and there is a very good reason why you cannot choose a writer on your own. We are a multinational writing company with operations all over the world. Each writer is profiled and categorized using our highly sophisticated profiling system with respect to their unique qualifications, specialties, experience, areas of command, working speed, and availability. Our professional team is the best resource to choose which specific writer would be the ideal match for your particular order because we have direct access to their credentials.

Essay Wisdom chooses its team very carefully. Each and every writer on board with us is selected after hardcore testing. All our writers and tutors are well-educated and have vast experience in academic writing and coaching. Most of our team consists of retired professors who have served well-reputed institutes all their lives. Your order is assigned to the writer who has expertise in that particular subject or area.

Quality and Satisfaction

Here, you will get answers to your quality and satisfaction-related questions. Read this section carefully and contact us if we have missed anything.

Our team of quality assurance is entirely focused on maintaining the highest levels of quality which satisfies our customers. The smallest errors can be found and fixed in one step by our QA specialists. Therefore, have faith that the papers you receive will be flawless.

Essay Wisdom doesn't guarantee you any kind of grade improvement. Not only us, but there isn't a single writing company or academic writer who can give you this kind of guarantee. In case a person or company is giving you a guarantee for grade improvement, they are simply looting your pocket. The person who can improve your grades is no one but yourself. Our team of experts will provide you with all kinds of assistance and high-quality helping materials that are intended to aid you in finishing your academic tasks well in time.

In case quality issues are found in our papers, the customer is allowed to ask for free revisions within one month of delivery. To get a free revision, the customer has to prove that our paper lacks quality or misses the given instructions.

We check every order for plagiarism using plagiarism-detection software before delivering the finished product to our customers along with the report. You can use plagiarism checker tools to discover plagiarism, and you can examine your paper on your own.

Yes! Essay Wisdom is a professional and legit writing service. We operate within institutional limitations and in accordance with applicable state laws. We also greatly support academic honesty and professional ethics. Our company focuses on promoting academic integrity, and for that, we ensure that our team abides by all rules and regulations.

Pricing and Payment

Here in this section, we have answered the common concerns of customers regarding pricing and payment.

We have set up an automated pricing generator that determines the cost of every single paper just to ensure transparency. The word count and time allotted for finishing the paper are the major elements that determine the precise cost of a certain order. There are many other things included, like subject, topic, writing style, etc. The price of the order is directly proportional to the word count; when the word count increases, the price of the order goes up. In terms of deadline, the price decreases as more time is available for completion, and vice versa. This is how each new order's price is determined. This is the standard procedure for calculating prices in the academic writing industry

We have incorporated a number of secure payment gateways that are well-known and widely used just for your convenience. You can choose any option from our list and pay for the order by using it. Essay Wisdom never takes hard cash. We exclusively conduct all transactions through banking channels and international payment gateways. Depending on what works best for you, you can pay us with a MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, or credit or debit card.

Our services are paid for. We don't provide free or volunteer services. Essay Wisdom is a writing company that has been working in this space since the last many decades. Academic writing and tailored assistance for students is our passion which can have turned into a full-time career for many professional writers and teachers. We have on board with us the best and the most highly-paid writers with us. Other than paying our experts, we also have to cover operational costs and buy important academic sources.

As we have told you before, our company is the most affordable contender in this league. Our mission is to help out students with all kinds of academic problems/papers. Customers can easily apply for the installation options if their total order cost exceeds thousand US dollars. If the order cost is more than one grand, you can easily contact our customer support team and ask them to create an installation plan for you. The final paper will be delivered to the customer after the payment has been verified by our support team.

We make use of all widely accepted secure payment methods. Additionally, we do not impose any hidden fees, which makes our service the most affordable. All financial transactions are carried out via trusted payment gateways and secure banking channels. We never receive direct payments in cash or through drafts. We don't have direct or indirect access to your financial information, which is why you don't have to worry about any kind of fraud or misuse of your data while working with us!

Account Security

Customers can get to know about their account and security protocols in this section!

Since the data is encrypted on our anonymous servers, no one has direct access to your personal information. Only you are able to access your account, which we have established for you. To ensure that your account is always secure, we advise against giving out your username and password to even people who you trust the most. The names of our customers are kept a secret from our writers and tutors. Your instructions are the only element that will be communicated to our experts. Your contact information, including name, phone number, and email address, won't be disclosed to any of our writers or unrelated parties.

No, there is a very thin chance that your institute is going to find that you have availed of our service. Our company ensures the highest security protocols while working for you. We take all necessary security measures which help us keep your identity a secret.

No one at our company gets direct access to your personal or order data. The important details of your order are only shared with the assigned writer. The writer or tutor working on your task would not even know your name. Our website is secure and uses the most updated firewalls to keep our service and transactions private. No third party can ever find out details of your personal orders with us. A customer can also ask for permanent deletion of data from our database once they have received the final paper.

Like every customer, you have the legal right to ask us for permanent data removal. We entertain data removal requests as long as there are no ongoing projects pending under your account. In case there is a project on which our writer is working, you have to wait till its completion before we delete anything.

Both your user account and password are crucial. It is important to avoid disclosing these details to people who could meddle with them. In case you lose access to your personal user account, you can contact customer service or select the forgot password option. We will email your registered address to remind you of your password. You can get the old password from the email, or you can also change it in a few simple steps!

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