How to Write a Comprehensive Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis statement is not an easy task. The most important reason is that students don’t have a technical understanding of the topic.

To avoid this problem and make your statement appealing, it is quite important to get an idea of how to write a thesis statement that can be engaging.

essay wisdom team is going to give you some value in this blog post that you can utilise to generate a good thesis statement and make it fully informative for the readers.

Importance of Thesis Statement in Essay

Before going into depth and talking about the tips for writing a thesis statement in an essay, you need to know its importance.

In actuality, a thesis statement is a way of unifying your thoughts and narrowing down the subject. You have to talk about the main points with valid logic.

By writing a good thesis statement, you can make your paper more logical and also simplify it for the readers so they can understand it in a better way.

Furthermore, a thesis statement is the first thing that your teacher will look for in the essay to check your understanding of the topic. So, this is another reason that makes it so important.

Tips to Write Thesis Statement

Let’s come to the main point and explore the main factors that can help you write a thesis statement for an essay.

These tips will surely help you write a top thesis statement for your topics that can be fully engaging and can also clear up your point of view.

Determine your tone

Before you start writing the thesis, you must decide which attitude you are going to follow. You have to determine if the statement will be explanatory, analytical, or persuasive.

If the thesis is written in an explanatory tune, it will be based on factual information and will be explained in a formal way.

The other type is analytical tone; you will have to cover multiple issues along with presenting data in the content.

Last but not the least, here comes the persuasive tone where you have to give your point of view with the claims of personal experience and other sources.

Discuss the central ideas

Once you are done with determining the main tone of the thesis, next figure out the main ideas in the topic that can describe your topic in the best way.

For it, you have to go through the entire content and highlight the important points of the subject that are the juice of the topic.

You need to talk about the central ideas that can provide the entire information to the readers in a single go without going through the essay.

Shrink the topic

Make sure that you are keeping the statement short and relevant. There is no need to drag it otherwise the purpose of writing a thesis statement would be demolished.

You should avoid the passive voice in the content and go for a bold language that could provide deep information to the readers about the topic.

It can be a little tricky to condense several hundred words into a few words however; you should try to take out a few important lines from the topic that could clarify the important points.

Still, Facing Issues?

So far, we have discussed all the important points that you can follow to write a good thesis statement and make it full of information for the readers.

If you are still facing any issues in generating a qualitative statement, you can contact our writing experts and seek guidance from there.

You have to choose the topic on which you are going to write the thesis statement. Along with that, you can also add special instructions.

Our expert writers will guide you on how to write a thesis statement and make it fully informational. 

Types of Thesis Statement

To make things easier to learn, we will explain this topic with examples. We will talk about the types of thesis statements that will make it easy for you to understand them well.

Expository thesis statement

The main purpose of writing an expository thesis statement is by adding facts to the content. You can also add information from other sources to increase the authenticity of the content.

The only thing that you must ensure is that the statement should be relevant that could be valuable for the readers.

Argumentative thesis statement

For writing the argumentative topic, you need to justify your point with reasons and pieces of evidence. The argument could be a personal experience or a proposal.

You can make such a statement more interesting with the help of a counterargument. This will force the reader to think about the topic from another direction.

Analytical thesis statement

In an analytical thesis, you need to analyze a particular topic and evaluate its multiple aspects to clarify your point of view and make the statement understandable for the reader.

Compare and contrast the thesis statement

This is an interesting kind of thesis statement where your main goal should be to compare two different points.


A thesis statement is the most important section of an essay where you have to talk about the crucial point of the entire subject.

It is also the main impression from which the reader can get an idea about the topic and reach its depth.

Most of the students find it hard because they don’t have a good understanding of the topic. To make it simple for all, here we have talked about the major tips that can help you write a good thesis statement.

If you are still finding it hard to generate a good thesis statement, feel free to consult our expert professors.

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